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Robot Classifications Based on Its Leg Numbers

Based on Its Leg Numbers

There are quite a lot of robot classifications that you can find. However, one of the most attractive ones might be the legged robots. That is because the legged robots can be simply described as the future of the human. It is like the ones you watched on the movie. That might be one of the goal from all of those scientists in developing the legged robots. For your information, the simple classifications of these legged robots are divided into four main parts. Here are those parts.

The first one is two-legged robot. This one is something quite famous on the modern times because the robot is believed to be the starting line of robotic human in the future. That can be seen from some of the projects that are already using the overall shape of the human to create this kind of robot. One of them is ASIMO, one of the toy robots from Japan. Unfortunately, one great deal that many of those scientists have to deal is the stability problem. Yes, the two-legged robots still have problems with stability to stand. The second part is the four-legged robot. This robot used to be the star because of the stability that this robot gives. However, it was not that long because the next stage of legged robot evolution started. It was the time before the six-legged robot was firstly created. Even though, the four legged robots were quite nice because of the stability that is better than the two-legged ones.

The third part is the six-legged robot. This one is the best of all. As a matter of fact, it still is until this time. It does not matter even if the eight-legged robots were invented. This six-legged robots are still quite popular. One of the best thing from this kind of robot was its stability to move on many different terrains. The last one is the eight-legged robots. This robot is undoubtedly the most stable of all. That is because this robot has at least six legs to stand when it is moving. Unfortunately, the legs require the big body size of this robot. That is why the size of this robot is not compact. Even if the size of the robot is compact, the speed might be decreased because of the tiny movements of those lots of legs. Those are four different classifications of the legged robots that you might want to know.

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