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Festo’s Bionic Workplace Will Lets Us Learn About The Cooperation Between Humans and Robots

Festo’s Bionic Workplace

If we is going to back for seven years ago, you may still remember Festo’s SmartBird robot which is exhibited in the 2011 Hannover Fair. The SmartBird is an autonomous ornithopter produced by Festo’s Bionic Learning Network. This animal robot seems to have an emphasis between maneuverability and aerodynamics. On the herring gull, Feston uses and ornithopter modeled. It weighs 450 grams which is ultra-lightweight and has a wingspan of 1.96 meters.

In 2018, Festo has successfully created their two animal robots including a flying fox robot and a rolling spider robot. The Bionic Flying fox is known as the ultra-lightweight flying robot with intelligent kinematics. It is mimicking the largest bat in the world, flying fox. Meanwhile, the Bionic Wheel Boot is claimed as the animal robot which has closely similar behavior of the real thing. The flic-flac spider in Sahara becomes the inspiration to create these robots.

And, it the same year, Feston has a robotic workplace called the Bionic Workplace that will be presented in Hannover Fair 2018. This workplace combines a human-robots withArtificial Intelligencee in order to ensure that the pneumatic lightweight robot can assist more effectively with the humans in the future. The bionic robot arm will work together with various peripheral devices and assistance system. Although, peripheral devices and interlinked assistance systems let mutual data exchange at the workplace in the future. AI technology system aims to ensure the entire workplace investigates and maximizes itself continuously.

Furthermore, the workplace can be adopted to people individually down to the lighting and is designed ergonomically. There is a large projection screen at the center which provides a good vision for the workers. This large screen will show the engineer with all information and react dynamically with the content the relevant requirements. It also includes various sensors and camera systems which automatically record the tools, components, as well as the position of the workers.

In this perfect way, a human can have a direct interaction with the bionic cobot and control it through direct interaction via touch, speech, gestures as well as a remote operation function that the control center is a tablet having the Robotic Suite customized by Festo. Additionally, Festo would perform several representations at Hannover Fair 2018. Its main stand was D11 in Hall 15 where you could see other Festo’s bionic innovation like the Bionic Wheel Bot.


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