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Farming Made Easier Thanks To These Spider Robots


Farming Made Easier Thanks To These Spider Robots – When it comes to farming, people will think of a field job with personal attention to the plants. However, more and more farms are ditching that method for effectivity achieved with robots. It may sound so futuristic, but it will become common sooner than you’d think.

• Greentech and Specified Robot Farmers
We’ve heard stories of famines and the misery it caused. Today, though agriculture is considered safer from such calamity, farms are still at risk of not producing enough for people – a problem exists thanks to the lack of workforce within the field. Fortunately, robotic companies such as Greentech can create robot assistants that make the big job possible.

Depending on your needs, Greentech offers different types of robots categorized by their function. Some of the types are semi-automatic (which means there will still be manual interaction to a degree), while the others are fully automatic (means that it can roam and do the job on its own after calibrated with your smartphone). Like all the online gambling games that can be played through smartphone, this robot is going to be practical to control.

• The Types
Greentech farming robots are divided into two main types, such as:
– Seed Spider
Seed spiders help farmers plant seeds with programmed distance and range to maximize the land’s effectivity. This type offer four types of units with different functions and capabilities:

– Metering Unit
Meters how many seeds planted on every spot and the distance between the sports. Can plant from ten to 4000 seeds per gram with ranging sizes.

– Sled Seeder
Level the soil top and plant the seeds. Most effective for small-scale farming.

– Roller Seeder
Basically sled seeder, but bigger. Designed for commercial growers.

– Harvester
Harvest the crops in any weather.

– Weed Spider
This automatic unit helps soil farming easier by continuously detecting weeds around the plant and pull them out. They can also protect the crops from bad weather. Since it works automatically, you can even leave it at night and let it continuously weed around.

• The Advantages
There are several advantages of using farming robots from Greentech:
– Thanks to the effectivity, expect 15% crop increase every acre.
– Allows farming on a big scale without a lot of people to employ.
– Able to work in all seasons and weather.
– Calibrate easily through your smartphone.

For the time being, these robots are not fully automatic and people still have to visit the field for certain problems diagnosed by it. Otherwise, the spider still increased the productivity of the farm without pooling too much human resources. Maybe, in the future, there will actually be farms with just one or a few people sitting behind the desk!


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