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3 Spider Robots That Will Change Our Perspective to Plants

3 Spider Robots That Will Change Our Perspective to Plants

3 Spider Robots That Will Change Our Perspective to Plants – For hundreds of years, most people thought that gardening and farming are boring and laborious. However, that is not necessarily true especially with the influence of robotics. In fact, these three spider robots are here to prove them wrong: –

• Roam The Farm Like Mars With Rover Robot Prospero
Imagine a rover on another plant – but, instead of exploring the grounds, it does farming for you. Prospero is basically that imagination. This spider robot is designed to be small enough to reach all nook and cranny of the land, but big enough to make the farming process as effective as possible.

Depending on the type, the robot may have separate uses or able to till, plant, tend, and harvest at once. As Prospero is built around productivity, each unit also able to send ultrasonic Pings to one another to communicate whether the area needs more help or not.

• Get A Robot For A Task From Greentech
This one won’t look like an actual spider, but it’s still very useful otherwise. Instead of roaming machines, Greentech designed different types of robots for specific farming needs. The needs are separated into three types: seeding, weeding, and harvesting. Depending on the unit type, the machine may be able to work on its own or needs a human assistant. Otherwise, these autonomous and semi-autonomous machines are designed for easy control. They can be calibrated and organized using smartphones and work under all weather.

• This HEXA will Chase The Sun For Your Plant
Ok, what about a spider robot type that can be used in homes? Well, HEXA units from Vincross is definitely a good choice. Still related to plants, Vincross currently developing a HEXA model that allows a plant to sit on top of it. Then, as a smart pot, the model will move around and geet the plant the necessary sunlight intake it needs. The project also planned the model to be interactive. So far, Vincross had shared a model that can play with humans and express certain emotions through movement to show us what the plant needs (for example, the model will appear upset when the plant is thirsty.)

Plants may not be as interactive as another living being, but that doesn’t mean they will stay boring. These spider robots, for example, successfully made plant-caring more interesting yet convenient than ever before. Soon, much other technology advancements will follow these spiders. Stay tuned!


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