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Giant Robots Ever Seen

Giant Robots Ever Seen

Giant Robots Ever Seen – A giant mechanical robot in the shape of a spider is seen wandering in France. Do not make people afraid, many people actually approach and capture this moment. The eight-foot mechanical robot was deliberately exhibited in Toulouse, France. The robot dubbed Ariane was controlled by three technicians who were above the robot and dozens of technicians below. Not only Ariane, there is a companion mechanical robot named Asterion. It is a mechanical robot that resembles a Minotaur, a creature of Greek mythology with a bull-headed human form.

Aterion is a giant mechanical robot 15 meters high and designed by famous artists. The two creatures were the work of Fran├žois Delaroziere, the artistic director and leading creative artist of the La Machine company. The company is a theater company that works with technicians, programmers and designers in making giant mechanical robots. They are indeed focused on making mechanical creatures on a large scale. La Machine has also shown public works before. Giant spiders have been exhibited in Liverpool, England and Ottawa, Japan in 2017. The two giant mechanical robots will be exhibited in an event entitled “The Guardian of the Temple”. Especially for moving the Asterion, they need at least 16 technicians to create special movements and effects. The special effects include sounds and breaths that sound like monsters. Ariene and her partner, Asterion, were in front of the Hotel Dieu, Toulouse, France to attract visitors. It is recorded, at least 350 to 400 thousand people are expected to watch the show until the end of the week. Ariane and Asterion are giant mechanical robots that managed to amaze the attention of French tourists.

Giant Robots

The first giant spider robot in the world named La Princesse, this robot was created by the French performance art company La Machine, one of the leading companies in Francis, this giant spider robot was first introduced in Liverpool England as part of a celebration of European culture in 2008. So, this article is quite stale, but here what I emphasize is not the launch of this giant spider robot, but rather sharing how great this robot is to be able to shock the world of course with various quality images or photographs.
This giant spider robot measures 50 feet or about 15 meters and weighs around 37 tons with its main material pure steel and other data. This giant spider robot has 50 axes of movement with its hydraulic function as its driving force.


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