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Challenges In Spider Robot Models

Spider Robot Models

The idea of spider robot model appears years ago. It turns out that the implementation takes longer than expected. As the researcher digs deeper, there are tons of challenges to solve. They already know what to fix, but still trying many methods to solve them.

Legs Movement
So far, researchers have succeeded in creating six legged robots. It is not difficult to create swinging motion, just like natural walking. However, the challenge is to mimic real arachnid moves; flexible and calculated wisely. To solve this challenge, researcher often takes samples from spider’s legs. They count how many joints exists and how the muscle retracts to make movement.

Many prototypes have been made, yet they are still under testing procedure. It is quite difficult to make coordinated movement without overlapping the command for each leg. Without this flexibility, the spider robot is considered “incomplete” and “not fit” for exploration task.

Sensor Input
Another obstacle in spider robot creation is the sensor input. It should be able to detect the change of environment quickly. Quick input will help to put command for the robot. It will be more beneficial to have sensors that could rotate, so the robot could have further and detailed vision of the terrain. Imagine yourself putting an online bet in , but you don’t know your chances. It’s bad.

The most popular sensor input used in many prototypes is ultrasonic sensor. It works by sending waves to the surface. When it hits solid surface, the wave will bounce back. The signal is sent to the mainboard. Researchers still consider the ideal wave length for exploration.

Energy Consumption
Since the spider bot is made for exploration, it will bear several functions in one body. They are scanning, recording terrain, and also moving freely. Not to mention, the six legs will move according to the terrain, not in unison. Thus, it will consume big energy for moving only.

Among the other homework, this is probably the most complicated one. Researchers have to find the right proportion to balance energy consumption. Will they make lighter frame structure? Will they put more power source? Or will they simplify the movement? Each possibility will be tested thoroughly by the researcher.

If you are interested in spider robot making, then be prepared to solve some equations. Arachnid movement, in fact, is quite hard to imitate. Its movement requires more calculation to do and more consideration to discuss. Unless you are able to find the answer, the spider robot release will be delayed.

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